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Customer success videos are visual testimonials that tell your brand's powerful story.

Grow your startup with innovative video content.

Customer Success Videos

Let your customers do the talking—90% of people trust what other customers say about a product or service more than the business itself (1).

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Headshot of Youreka Co - Founder and CPO

We are extremely proud of our customers and their success with Youreka. We were struggling to find the best way to share their stories with the world. Prajna’s organized and orchestrated video production process quickly and easily brought our customer's stories to life and showcased our value.

Daniel Bergner

Co-Founder, CPO at Youreka


How It Works

We begin with a clear strategy—and translate your company's value prop into a visual metaphor. 

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During our initial meetings, we listen to your top priorities and get to know your vision, brand, and customers. From there, we create a clear roadmap that will guide you through every step of the video process.

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We help you identify the right customers to put in front of the camera and create the most appealing visual aesthetic to represent you and your brand. From script treatments and location scouting to editing, revisions, and final deliverables—our highly organized production process quickly and easily brings your customer success stories to life.

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The result is an extremely high-quality, professional customer success video with microcontent. You can use testimonial videos on your website, social media, and email marketing campaigns to increase customer engagement, build trust, and generate leads. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer success videos will boost your website, email, and social media engagement, build trust with your customers—and ultimately generate leads. Serving up this kind of content can answer your customers’ most pressing questions and reassure them with third-party social proof before they make a buying decision. 93% of marketers report increased brand awareness when they use video marketing, and 86% have increased their lead generation with video.

Why do you need professional customer testimonial videos?

Contact us to get an estimate. The total cost will depend on the style, technical detail, and length. The estimate will include pre-production, one to two days of shooting, editing the footage, and producing a final cut of the main hero video alongside microcontent for email marketing and social media. Throughout the process, we’ll make sure we’re optimizing your budget and tracking to your timeline.

How much do professional videos at Prajna cost?

Customer success videos usually take 6-8 weeks to produce (depending on approvals and schedules), including 1-2 weeks of editing and a feedback process.

How long does the production process take?

Let's Talk

Contact us to learn about our Special Promotion running through January 2023.

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