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Growing Impart Media

From Ideas to Market Strategy

Impart Media | Two people putting a large puzzle together.

Over her 30-year career as an executive in the financial industry, Yvette Butler realized that racial, gender, and generational wealth gaps were not going to close anytime soon—in fact, the rich continue to get richer and the poor continue to become poorer year after year. Ready for change and passionate about creating a better future, Butler founded Impart Media with the mission to close these wealth gaps by 2040. Her goal is to help people grow their wealth and leave a legacy for future generations.

At a Glance

Yvette Butler saw an urgent need to provide Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z communities with the know-how to manage their finances and grow their wealth. She identified the greatest blockers for these communities: access to high-quality financial information and a place to have transparent conversations about money.

She partnered with Prajna to build the strategic foundations for her company, Impart Media, and execute on everything from core messaging and web presence to product support and investor pitches.

We started by building the foundations for the Hive Wealth app, a place where anyone can talk and learn about money, from financial planning to investing in the stock market. Alongside the app, Impart Media created the docuseries, Money Matters, which follows five real-life households as they discuss their money challenges and experience breakthroughs and triumphs with the support of financial advisors.

After months of GTM strategy and execution, Prajna helped Impart Media close their $4M seed round with BTN, Portfolia, and SVB.

The Challenge

Impart Media is taking on a complex problem that doesn’t have a simple solution. Financial inequality runs deep in our society, and approaching the subject—especially in a way that provokes radical change in how we collectively think about money—is a tall order. Just figuring out where to start is a daunting task.

Our Approach

Since Impart Media’s mission addresses a complex and multifaceted issue, we developed a divide-and-conquer strategy. We took the most significant pieces of this problem and broke them down into two main parts—connecting people and providing information—and crafted a three-brand architecture. Hive Wealth and Money Matters would fall under the overarching umbrella of Impart Media to address those two major components.

The Hive Wealth app

  • Connects users seeking community regarding finances and building wealth.

  • Gives users real-life metrics and insights regarding where they benchmark among their peers.

  • Makes the subject of money less taboo.

Money Matters by Impart Media

  • Gives viewers real-life examples of what’s possible when we start talking about money.

  • Demonstrates how any household can reach their goals after starting the conversation—no side huddles, no sales pitch, just talking about finances.

  • Helps viewers understand that simply talking about money is not a bad thing—it’s more powerful than they imagined.

The Results

From branding and marketing campaigns to websites and investor support, the Prajna team partnered with Impart Media to market and launch the Hive Wealth app on iOS and the first season of Money Matters. Prajna also helped Impart Media close their $4M seed round.


Yvette Butler held a LinkedIn Live event with Kelauni Jasmyn, founder of Black Tech Nation and Hive Wealth’s first institutional investor, to talk about their shared mission to address wealth inequality.

The Hive Wealth app includes a unique net worth calculator so that users can see where they’re at compared to their peers and weekly polls so that users can tell Impart Media about their financial challenges. That way, we can develop features catering to their needs.

Meanwhile, Money Matters by Impart Media helps viewers break down taboo barriers and see what can happen if we just talk about money openly and honestly—with trusted advice from financial advisors featured on the show guiding the way.

Final Thoughts

Wealth gaps can’t be solved overnight—and maybe not even within our lifetime, but Impart Media has taken the crucial first steps to addressing it with access to information.

Between the weekly insights and community-based features of the Hive Wealth app and the real-world glimpse of money-based conversations in Money Matters, we’ve supported Impart Media in de-mystifying money and making headway on their mission to close gender, racial, and generational wealth gaps.


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