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Creating a Billion-Dollar Look for a Rising Star in Cybersecurity

Crafting and Amplifying the Brand

With decades’ worth of collective experience among its software engineers, CodeHunter has a radical cyber defense system in the works. Their product would be a boon to any network—large or small—and they needed a brand and voice to match their revolutionary cybersecurity solution.

At a Glance

Cutting through the noise in the cybersecurity industry is no small ask. CodeHunter wanted a GTM strategy and brand that would show how their product is head-and-shoulders above today’s cybersecurity solutions. To help demonstrate this, we crafted a modern brand image with an irreverent, knowledgeable voice to complement their revolutionary product. We also showcased their industry expertise and relevance with one-pagers, pitch decks, videos, and dozens of blog posts.

The Challenge

CodeHunter is a rising star in the cybersecurity industry and needed a look that matched the game-changing, patented product they’re developing. As they tested and refined their product, they pivoted from a tools vendor available to the masses to an enterprise solutions vendor developed for specific industries. We partnered with their executives to create a tailored GTM strategy; we also collaborated to create a new look and messaging to match their goals. Their fox mascot and website were well-executed for their initial solution—but as their product evolved, the brand didn’t fit the future-leading cybersecurity solution they were building.

Our Approach

As is the nature of startups, we devised an initial strategy to help CodeHunter make some noise in an already crowded industry—and then pivoted as their product developed.

We started by partnering with CodeHunter’s team to develop a launch strategy for CodeHunter Pro, a free product that scanned single files for malicious code, to give customers a taste of how their solution works. We used the resulting marketing collateral—including conversions from emails and social ads—to build a customer base excited to test it out.

The CodeHunter team pivoted toward an enterprise solution, CodeHunter Enterprise: a scalable, automated defense system for networks big and small. To match this change in pace, we refreshed their brand, including their look and messaging, and followed up with website design, content strategy, and marketing campaigns.

Throughout these changes, we worked to maintain the core of their brand messaging and amplify their voice to support their goals.

Brand Upgrades

  • We crafted a sleek new logo to characterize their brand voice.

  • We implemented a dark, modern interface reflective of the tech world’s malware-ridden underbelly.

  • We crafted custom graphics and downloadable templates for blog posts—along with social posts and emails to get the word out.

Steps to Success

  • Crafted a GTM strategy from initial product concept to the launch of their pilot program for their enterprise solution.

  • Revamped their brand and built a complete style guide around it, along with an updated website to maintain a consistent brand voice across all channels.

  • Aimed the spotlight at their development team’s impressive collective experience in CodeHunter’s target industries to highlight their expertise.

  • Provided mountains of editorial, graphic, and video deliverables for a cohesive and immersive look and feel.

  • Laced editorial deliverables with SEO to bolster findability.

  • Established credibility with strong thought leadership, one-pagers, and detailed pitch decks.

The Results

CodeHunter has established itself as a thought leader in the cybersecurity industry and has a revolutionary product that is about to make big waves in the market. Their blog posts and social media channels grow their online presence every day.

Final Thoughts

CodeHunter is passionate about providing automated cybersecurity solutions to critical organizations keeping our society safe and running, from banks and hospitals to government agencies and critical infrastructure. This is a complex task, so while their team focuses on preventing cyberattacks and mitigating the aftermath, we have the pleasure of supporting their industry presence and amplifying their voice. Learn More About CodeHunter ->


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